When I am Your Age... Really? (11-23-15)

This is the Fifth Article in the "Milestone Series",
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We went to a Halloween party recently. As we were leaving, a young man asked to take our picture. We did look cool, as we dressed as the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts. Then the young man asked us how old we were. Not ashamed of our age, we told him. His reply? I just hope I am as much fun as you are when I am your age. Really? We used to say that!

Then, our son asked us if we had End of Life Care as he figured he would be taking care of us when his children were grown. Really?

Is someone trying to tell us we are old?..

Then my rational side kicked in. We aren't old by our standards (it's a mental thing) and married couples are living longer than those without partners are so it does make sense that we should plan for the "what ifs." Our financial wellness is as important as our physical wellness.

With one son living we have no desire to be a burden on his lifestyle, no desire to be a burden on each other and with a parent whose has gone through a nursing care facility we know all too well the cost of care during our Golden Years.

Why are they called the Golden Years?

Because they are supposed to be when we do everything we planned for in our early years. Travel, retire, explore, you name it and that is what we are going to do! Except that isn't what always happens. Sometimes one person needs care and it is exhausting on the other person to be there 24/7. Having your Golden Years' investment planning that might include an insurance policy with home health care or perhaps nursing facility care can not only save your legacy and retirement funds but also give you a quality of life that you don't think about when you are that younger person taking the random picture of the "older couple."

Some day you may be that older couple. Are you prepared for what happens if your Golden Years don't turn out as you planned?

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