Wellness - Workout - Weight Loss (03-23-15)


The beginning of a New Year is known for resolutions and wellness, workout and weight loss resolutions top the lists.

According to Jonquil Baugh, Owner of JQ’s BFit2, memberships in her Overland Park facility were up 40% in January.  New members say that the main reason they joined is to lose weight and become more toned.  The training facility offers over 60 small group cross training classes which also include Boot Camp, Indoor Cycle, Yoga and Zumba; to name just a few.   

As in the past, January classes were packed.  Even the one-on-one personal training sessions increased with the New Year.  The veterans, who don’t need a resolution to show up to class or to work out, share the space with the newbies who are determined to make this year’s resolution stick.


Fast forward 60 days.  Are those same people still interested in their resolutions?  JQ says 100% of those additional 40% are still coming regularly to work out and to classes.  But, around the three month mark, the newbies start dwindling and the veterans can reclaim the facility until the next surge of resolutions.  Those usually begin in May.  After all, summer is coming which means swimsuit weather will be upon us soon.

However not all of the increase in gym memberships have to do with New Year’s resolutions.  Some of them have to do with the wellness programs instituted by companies.  Insurance companies are also offering wellness incentives to their members including discounts on gym memberships and vitamins. 

Whatever your reason for wellness, work outs or weight loss...be it a resolution, company incentive or insurance incentive – keep it up.  If you fall off the wagon – just get back on it.  Preventive medicine beats curing an illness any day. 


If you haven’t started a fitness regimen yet and need a facility to begin your training, check out JQ’s BFIT2 at www.jqsbfit2.com.  It is never too late to take care of your health.

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