Great Job Royals! (11-01-14)

Kansas City is a sports town!

We are not a large market city of high payroll or multiple World Series Wins.  In fact, the Royals have only won one World Series in franchise history which we all know was in 1985 against the St. Louis Cardinals.

But in 2014, the Kansas City Royals brought to the city an overwhelming feeling of hope and pride reminiscent of 1985. Just like back then, fans everywhere experienced a feeling that I must be at that game, a feeling that I have to wear my royal blue for support and a feeling that I have to cheer as loud as I can for this young team that the national announcers are discounting all along the way. 

This Royals team brought to Kansas City baseball a feeling of “I Believe” that everyone knew was possible; but some might have forgotten.

For those who remember 1985, this October was sweet.  Those fans knew where they were back in the day, who pitched each game and how each one of those games were won.  The armchair managers know that this World Series team consists of only 13 players who were alive in 1985; some barely making that age cutoff, and 23 players who are 29 years or younger including a pitcher who only months ago pitched in the College World Series which is the first time this has ever happened. 

For those too young to remember and only know of the 1985 champions through their parents or grandparents, this World Series run was a memory that is worth every penny of the ticket price.  When each game starts, hearts race throughout the stadium, Kansas City Power and Light district, outlying bars and homes around Kansas City.  But that’s not all.  The twitter and text feeds light up as families stay in touch with loved ones all over the country.

For those who do not watch baseball, they watch anyway as they are also caught up in the excitement. 

And, somehow, normal life goes on.  The players have birthdays, their wives and their fans’ wives have babies, and the babies born in 1985 tell the story of how their births were held until the 1985 World Series was won. 

In Kansas City, the World Series lives on hope, great defense, great pitching and the tenth man – the fan.

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