Voice of the Client (10-31-16)

Every day we speak with our valued clients.  While each is different, there are some common questions and discussions.  Here’s a list of the most common conversation starters:

"Am I making any money?"

Great question. We have improved performance transparency through the use of Blueleaf.  With Blueleaf, you can see your account performance in a clear and straightforward way anytime.  

"How does what I'm making compare to the market?"

We understand this question, however we think clients really mean is how am I doing versus everyone else.  We approach this question as another opportunity to educate about our strategy.  Our strategy does not always beat the market, however over the long-term we seek to meet your goals by avoiding massive losses. 

The question we think is more important "am I on track to meet my goals"? Blueleaf can help us here as well.  Blueleaf allows us to work with you to create goals and track progress. 

Check out the following screenshot from Blueleaf.

You can also set up goals whenever inspiration strikes you.  Follow this link to view instructions on how to use Blueleaf.  

Please reach out to us as you start to work in Blueleaf.  This tool will be a key part of any client review.  Let's focus on achieving goals, not beating markets.
"How is the election going to affect the market?"

Let's be honest about this.  We have no idea, and no one else does either!  Similar to the market comparison question, this is  a great opportunity to educate about our strategy.  Predictions are not needed for our investment approach to work. Our strategy is designed to react to whatever the market may do post-election.  If the market takes off, we’ll ride that trend.  If the market falls to a point where the trend (in our view) has turned down, we’ll move our clients out of the market and sit on the sidelines.  No prediction needed Just discipline!

For more information about our unique approach to investing, please visit our Investment Services page, and remember that we are always here to answer any questions you have about how to ensure the best future for your money.


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