World Series Champions Baby! (Update 11-02-15) (10-05-15)


Kansas City Royal's team owner, David Glass, held the World Series Championship trophy after an amazing win by the Kansas City Royals in Game 5 of the World Series. "One man's belief is stronger than a million of opinions," Luke Hochevar said when talking about Kansas City's GM, Dayton Moore. What about an entire community who believed? There's no doubt that the Kansas City Royals players and fans fed off of the dismissive attitude of so many of the broadcasters and other teams. It didn't matter what they said, what inning it was or if there were two outs, WE BELIEVED!

Fans gathered in homes and bars all over the United States to cheer on their team. Fans watched, screamed and danced as their players crossed the home plate one after another. Fans shared their memories of the last thirty years rooting for the boys in blue; so many of those fans barely born when the team won their other World Series title in 1985.

It is truly an amazing time for Kansas City!

What's next? Planning for Opening Day...153 days away!

UPDATE #2: After the speed of Lorenzo Cain scored the go ahead run then an hour rain delay, closer Wade Davis pulls off a nail-biting win over the Toronto Blue Jays! The Kansas City Royals are headed to the World Series for the second year in a row!

UPDATE #1: The Kansas City Royals have now clinched that Home Field Advantage!


The Magic Number is ZERO!

The City had faith. The fans believed. The players were energized.

A loss was felt in your gut. A win was felt in your entire body.

One strike emitted a collective sigh. The crack of the bat exploded throughout the stadium. The crowd rose to their feet to watch the ball plop in the outfield as the players rounded the bases. It was electric!

With a score of 10-4, the Kansas City Royals clinched the American League Central Division during the regular season for the first time in 30 years. Okay, so technically the Central Division didn’t exist 30 years ago. With this accomplishment, Kansas City is guaranteed baseball in October for the second year in a row!

While players put on their championship t-shirts and headed to the clubhouse to shower each other with champagne, fans in Kaufman Stadium, in bars and homes around the city and the country screamed – WE DID IT! This was most definitely a team effort as each player stepped up their game and fans attended in record numbers.

What’s left before the postseason? Clinching Home Field Advantage for the Pennant Race! How do they do it? With the same confidence, swagger and fan base that brought them to this point. Hunger is something that must be fed. These players and fans are hungry. The taste of last year was so sweet and nothing is better than tasting it again.

Who cares if some of the players weren’t born in 1985 when we won the last World Series Championship? They know what winning is about. Just watch them jump for joy and tip their hats to each other on a good play. They know what it takes. They know what the fans want to see. A World Series Win 30 years after our one and only!

Newscasters say it is time for some champagne and a cigar. If that’s your pleasure go for it then take a deep breath and settle down. There are regular season games to play before the postseason even begins.

Forever Royal!


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