Is Your Glass Half Full? (06-08-15)

For many, June is the beginning of summer although it technically doesn’t start until June 21st. The summer solstice is designated as the longest day and shortest night of the year.

But what else does it represent or the entire month of June for that matter?
Graduates have walked across the stage, swimming pools have been opened, summer jobs are well under way, and we are reaching the half-way mark of the calendar year. Half-way?  Surely not.  It seems like only yesterday that I made my New Year’s resolutions, my vacation plans, and my business goals for the year.

It’s time to pull out those resolutions and goals because June is a benchmark for all of these.

Have you stayed on course?

Did you accomplish the steps needed to reach your goals?  Perhaps, you’ve already attained more than you dreamed possible or maybe the best of intentions were pushed to the back burner by the everyday activities of life.  Not to fret. The year isn’t over... just half-way.

Review, possibly rework, and then plan for the remainder of the year.  It doesn’t matter whether it is in your business life or your personal life, the resolutions and goals you set were guidelines for you to follow.  They should consistently be reviewed and what better time than now.

Just as the Daylight Savings changeover is a reminder for you to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors, June can be your reminder to review your planning and make any adjustments.  You still have months to accomplish your goals or add new ones.

If you aren’t sure where to start then make a checklist.

When was the last time you reviewed your life insurance?  Is the amount in force still adequate to meet your needs? Have you discussed your plans for long term care or funeral expenses? Life Happens is a non-profit organization designed to help educate the public on insurance planning.  Make a list of any questions then give us a call.  We’d be happy to help you with your review.

Your Financial Health

Are you still on target for your retirement?   Have you checked your Social Security benefits recently?  What about your investments?  Are you saving enough to meet your retirement goals?  If you aren’t sure then schedule a meeting with your investment advisor.  If you don’t have an advisor or are looking to make a change in strategies, check out World Class Financial. They are an independent Registered Investment Advisor who offers investment management and financial planning.

Do you have an estimated tax payment due by June 15th?  Just because April is in our rear-view mirror doesn’t mean that events won’t happen during the year that might affect your taxes.  Metro Tax Service works with clients year round to be proactive in planning for life changes.

Your Physical Health

Did you fall off the wagon with regards to your wellness program?  All you have to do is get back on.  JQ’s BFit2 as well as other local gyms will help you with your fitness regimen.  And, it’s never too late to check out healthy eating habits.

Think of this year and your plans as a glass of water.  Some may see it is now six months into the year and the glass is half empty.  Close your eyes and look again.  The glass is really half full and you have many productive months ahead of you.

We are here to help you take care of your tomorrows so you can have an awesome today!

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