Springtime is Here... Really? (07-13-15)

On a recent visit to the doctor’s office for my nephew who had fallen off of the roof, the doctor came into the office and proclaimed, “Springtime is here.” Really, I wanted to say? We were, at that time, in the middle of June. It only seemed like April because of all of the rain. It just goes to show that accidents can happen at any time of the year. 
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You can hit your fingernail at any time of the year because of, well, let’s just say because.
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Then there is the weather. If you live in the Mid-West, you think of springtime as tornado season. However, if you have been here for any length of time, the definition of springtime changes every year and you adjust.

We are in July so what could possibly happen? Sure it was muggy but that is to be expected in the Mid-West. A rainy morning turned into a beautiful sunny day that anyone could enjoy by the pool and many did without a care in the world. We left to enjoy a great evening with friends and ended up in the cooler of a grocery store during a tornado warning. Outside, funnel clouds formed, the skies opened, rain fell then the sun came out just in time to show us what damage a small tornado could cause and what flooding could do to a lake, a dock or a boat.     

We didn’t plan on the storm. We didn’t plan on the hail. We especially didn’t plan on the flooding. Nor did the Lake of the Ozarks plan on fully opening their floodgates and issuing a “no wake” zone for the lake during part of the Fourth of July weekend.

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We help our clients plan for the unexpected, whether it’s caused by an accident or by Mother Nature. Don’t hesitate to Contact Us for help with your planning.

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