Spring Break Traveling (03-20-15)

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It’s that time of the year.  Families, friends and groups are headed on their much anticipated spring break trip.  Some will go to the beach, others to the mountains and others will take in a cruise. 

The destinations are numerous and the travel methods will vary.  But the common denominator wherever you go should be travel insurance.  People buy insurance to protect their assets at home so why not protect your vacation?  Weather delays, lost or damaged luggage, illness that prevents your trip or accidents while on your trip can all be mitigated with the right travel insurance.

But it would never happen to me.  Right?  Let me share a few first hand experiences.

travel damage 1 travel damage 2 travel damage 3

The pictures of the suitcase are real.  It looked like it had been dropped from a second story building then sat on by an elephant.  Fortunately all of the contents were still there but the suitcase was totaled.  This is just a minor example.

A man who flew from Europe unknowingly caught a virus from another passenger while in flight to the Caribbean.  When it was finally detected, he was quarantined on the cruise ship until he could be transported to a hospital on the next island.  As a European citizen, he was there for several months until he got better.  If he had been an American citizen with travel insurance, he would have been transported to the nearest US facility that could treat him.

On another cruise, a lady tripped when walking and cut her leg.  Not a big deal, right?  Six stiches later at the hospital, she was able to rejoin her cruise ship before departure.  Another lady wasn’t as lucky.  She tripped on the boardwalk and broke her wrist.  She had to be taken via helicopter to another island hospital for surgery.  Two days later, she and her husband were able to rejoin the cruise ship to finish out their trip.  How much money did either of these incidents cost?  With travel insurance that include emergency medical coverage, both of these ladies should be able to recoup some or all of their medical expenses.  That gave them both peace of mind.

Whether you are traveling within the United States or abroad, a trip insurance policy with emergency medical coverage is a valuable tool to carry with you.

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