Royals Baseball is Back! (04-10-15)

While a few Kansas City residents celebrated Fountain Day, the majority of them celebrated OPENING DAY AT THE K.  Our Kansas City Royals are back!

On April 6, 2015, blue was the color of the day and being “Forever Royal” was the theme.

John Mayberry hit the first HR in the Kaufman stadium.  (How’s that for a fun fact?)  He also took the field with many of his other Alumni to welcome the 2015 Royals team while fans cheered loudly in the sold out stadium.

The entire day was surreal.  Fans gathered to enter the parking lot when it opened at 9 a.m. and began the ritual of tailgating.  In true Kansas City style the smell of BBQ filled the air as music blared from all corners.  No one seemed to care that it was overcast and sprinkling at times.  They just threw on a coat or walked around in a Royals blanket or Snuggie and joined in the excitement as it grew by the hour.  Those needing an extra ticket were out of luck on this day.

The majority of fans were seated by 2:00 pm for the game that would start in an hour.  Why?  So they could be present for the American League ring ceremony, the raising of the AL pennant, introductions of the Alumni, opposing team and finally their beloved Team.  This was all before World War II veteran Dale Mitchell threw out the first pitch and the Kansas City Symphony performed the National Anthem. 

For the fans that weren’t glued to the game which was a screaming festival of action, the K brought in numerous new locations for eating and drinking.  Going to a ballgame isn’t just about hotdogs, peanuts and cracker jacks anymore.  It’s about craft beer, Belfonte ice cream, Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ, Stroud’s chicken and a 150-seat restaurant; to name just a few.  But for the traditionalists, there are more concessions throughout the ballpark to get their hotdogs and nachos. 

For the lady Royals fans, there are more restrooms so standing in line...not so much.  The children, who don’t want to watch the on-field action, can play miniature golf, ride the Royals-themed carousel or practice their own batting in the cages.  The special standing room only section is located behind the famous, beautiful fountain just past Center Field in honor of the many fountains in Kansas City; second only to Rome, Italy in the number of fountains.

Going to the K is an all-encompassing fun-filled experience for the whole family.

The fact that this year’s Royals team made the Opening Day game electric wasn’t a surprise to die-hard fans.  The last opening day win, home or away, was in 2008.  With a final score of 10-1, they didn’t just win this year; they blew their opponents out of the water giving quite the emphasis to the phrase – “not in my house.”  

Hope for an awesome season, athletic defense, passionate pitching, and clutch hitting plus the swinging rally towel tenth man are back and alive in Kansas City!  And with a sweep of the less!

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