Playoff Bound! (01-01-16)

For the first time in the history of Kansas City sports, the Chiefs are headed to the playoffs in the same year as the Royals played in and won the World Series Championship.

While the Chiefs have made many playoff appearances, they haven’t won a playoff game since their win in January, 1993 against the Pittsburg Steelers followed by a win against the Houston Oilers only to lose to the Buffalo Bills in the Conference Championship Game.

Will this playoff appearance be different? Will the Royals heroic baseball magic carry over to the football team? So far, it appears that it will. The Chiefs have not lost a game since the Royals won the World Series, 30 years after their one and only.

The Kansas City fans have had years of enjoyment from their sports teams all the way back to the first Super Bowl appearance by the Chiefs in 1967 for the 1966 season. Their one and only Super Bowl win in January, 1970 was a huge upset as the Minnesota Vikings were heavily favored.

The 70’s showed fans a few highs and many lows but the Royals brought back the taste of victory with their 1985 World Championship win. The Chiefs dominated the 90’s and even into the 00’s but they just couldn’t make it past the Wild Card round. The 2015 Royals Championship team showed the nation that it didn’t matter what the score was in any inning but the end. This lesson wasn’t lost on the Chiefs football players.

With a starting record of 1-5, most fans focused on Blue October with little thought to what would happen in Red December. The Chiefs dug in their heels and won 10 games in a row to make this sports season is “The year of the Truman Sports Complex,” according to a recent article on Fox Sports.

Mayor Sly James said, “New York City may be the city that never sleeps but Kansas City is the city that never quits.” The Royals proved this to be true as did the Chiefs own Eric Berry who conquered cancer to play this season and get a Pro Bowl invitation. These two teams are not only neighbors on their respective fields; they are each other’s supporters. The Chiefs survived an agonizing non-wifi flight from London to Kansas City during Game 5 of the World Series only to find out about the win once they landed.

Just as the relentless Royals defied the Las Vegas predictions, the Kansas City sports fans are hoping the magic in the air will prove those same predictions wrong when it comes to the Chiefs.


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