In The Hunt! (12-12-14)

As Kansas City sports fans replace their American League royal blue championship shirts with Kansas City red and gold Chiefs sweatshirts the temperatures drop but the excitement from Kansas City fans rises.

The World Series may be behind us, the leaves on the trees may have changed colors and fallen to the ground, snowflakes may have skirted the city but the Super Bowl is ahead of us and the Kansas City Chiefs are in the hunt... more or less. 

Technically, Kansas City has always been in the hunt, so to speak, since Lamar Hunt moved the Dallas Texans to Kansas City in 1963.  After a contest the football team’s name was changed to the Chiefs in honor of Mayor H. Roe Bartle whose nickname was The Chief; thus the team was born and the community adored them before they even knew who they were.

But, the Kansas City Chiefs are not just a team and fans of red and gold.  They are the beginning of the NFL as we know it.  Lamar Hunt founded the team and the AFL thus leading sports fans across the country to gear up for the Super Bowl with their favorite team. And, when the 1967 Super Bowl I was played, the Kansas City Chiefs took the field.  Unfortunately, football legends Vince Lombardi and Bart Starr led the Green Bay Packers and they took home the title.

Did the loss deter the team or their fans?  Absolutely not.

In 1970, Super Bowl IV came around and once again the Kansas City Chiefs took the field.  But, this time, their rock stars in the form of Len Dawson, Otis Taylor, Buck Buckannen, Ed Budde, Mike Garratt, Ceaser Belser, Bobby Bell, Willy Lanier, Jan Stenerud, Ed Podolack and Fred Arbanas to name a few would not leave without the trophy and the title.  And they didn’t.

That was forty-four years ago.  Does that deter Kansas City fans from knowing it will happen again?  Absolutely not.

December is always a countdown month for the Kansas City Chiefs as they battle on the field against their division rivals who shall be nameless.  Not to mention the state rivalry for the Governor’s Cup.

Is Kansas City a competitive town?  We like to think so.  We are also a town of hopes and dreams come true... even if they take decades. 


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