To Have & To Hold (06-15-15)

This is the Fourth Article in the "Milestone Series",
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Most little girls dream of their wedding day and for many that day is in the month of June.  But, why June?

In Roman times, June was the wedding month in honor of Juno, the goddess of marriage. In medieval times, June was the time of one’s annual bath and who doesn’t want to get married when they smell their best. During harvesting, the time to exchange vows took on a more practical tone. June brides were more than likely pregnant in the summer with the baby born outside of harvest time thus allowing the woman to help and the baby not to get in the way. How romantic. That brings us to modern times. Couples married in June can claim married tax exemptions for the entire year. I think that might be less romantic than harvest time weddings.

No matter if one was married in Roman times or modern times, in the month of June or any other month, intimate setting or elaborate extravaganza there is one common denominator.  It is a milestone.

Milestones, by their very nature, are large events in someone’s life. Families and friends unite to give their love, best wishes and support. Just as there were so many things to do to get ready for the wedding, there are many things to do after the wedding. They may not be as fun or glamourous but they are necessary.

The simple changing of your last name requires notifications to numerous agencies and, if you like to travel, don’t forget to change your name on your passport. Of course, insurance comes into play after a wedding whether it is to simply update your beneficiaries or increase the death benefits to protect your new combined lifestyle. Auto and homeowners/renters insurance policies should also be updated to reflect the names of the newly married couple.

For those who are so tired of “to-do lists” after the planning of their wedding – not to worry.  Start with a phone call or email to us and we would be happy to help you simplify the process.


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