Kansas City Chocolate (02-09-15)


When you think of Kansas City, do you think of chocolate?  If no, why not?

Russell Stover may have started in Denver but they moved their headquarters to Kansas City in 1932 after their first factory was opened in Kansas City in 1928.  Clara and Russell Stover also moved here and in 1943 purchased their home in Mission Hills that to this day is known as the Stover Mansion.

People all over the world buy the famous chocolates including Forrest Gump in 1994 which led to his unforgettable quote, “My mama always said, life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.”

The Stover brand bought Whitman’s Candies and between them they have won prestigious awards, teamed up with Weight Watchers, added diabetic delectable and a reduced carb line.

Despite beginning in Denver and being purchased in 2014 by a worldwide company, Russell Stover’s is most notably a figure in Kansas City history.

However, an article on chocolate and Kansas City wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Christopher Elbow Artisan Chocolates.  Christopher Elbow trained and worked all over as a chef but he returned to his hometown of Kansas City when he began making his fresh tasty chocolates.  It is almost a crime to eat them as the artwork on them is so beautiful.  In 2011, Christopher Elbow collaborated with another Kansas City favorite, Boulevard Brewery, to make their special Limited Release Chocolate Ale that flies off the shelves as soon as it arrives in stores.  Elbow’s chocolates may be a newbie (just over ten years in business) compared to Russell Stover’s but there’s no doubt Christopher Elbow is on the right track in the right city.

The month of February reminds us that love comes in all forms just as chocolates come in all sizes.  Support Kansas City this month and gift your loved ones, young and old, with not one but both of these two Kansas City chocolates.

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