Cherish the Moments (08-20-15)

Back in the day, the beginning of August signaled one more glorious month of summer hangouts at the pool, mid-week sleepovers and playing outside until dinner was ready. Those were the good ol’ days when school started after Labor Day weekend.

These days families are headed to the stores for tax-free weekend, packing cars and trucks for college-bound students and getting school uniforms bought and altered. There is little time to waste as the school year now begins in August and Labor Day is merely a long three-day weekend.

What else needs to be done to get ready?

  • Schools send out lists so getting the right supplies makes it easy. Don’t forget the funky backpack with sturdy straps so lugging the books won’t be as hard on those growing shoulders.

  • Make a trip to the barber or hair salon to give your student a clean and confident look.

  • Have the mechanic give your driving student’s car a once over. Be sure that the current insurance identification card is in the car. It might also be a good idea to go over your driving guidelines with your student as far as how many passengers are allowed in the car and no texting while driving.

  • College students should have their own medical ID card as accidents can happen any time. You might also need to check with your insurance plan to be sure there are network providers in the college town.

  • Consider purchasing a renter’s insurance policy for your college student. With the amount of technology and “must haves” they take to their fraternity, sorority or off campus home, a renter’s policy is an inexpensive way to cover their personal belongings as well as provide liability protection. Be sure to record the purchase prices, model and serial numbers of items in the event of a claim. Pictures are also a good idea. If your student is living on-campus, check with your homeowner’s policy to see if they are covered.

Even as this is written and definitely, by the time it is read, students are already having their first day of pictures taken by excited parents. Classrooms are filling up with excited and not so excited young people. And, we can’t forget the teachers and school staff. They’ve been back much longer getting things ready for a new batch of young minds to mold.

Whether this is the beginning of your child’s educational journey or the last year of formal education, it is a time to enjoy. If they are unsure, they will look to you for guidance and when they are “totally sure” about everything, they will definitely need your guidance.

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