Career Advancement (04-17-15)

This is the Second Article in the "Milestone Series",
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Per the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the Class of 2015 will have over 1.8 million people graduating with undergraduates degrees.

These are the up and coming young professionals...the millennials.  The average annual starting salary for the graduates with a bachelor’s degree is just under $45,000 (per the NACE, April 2013) and an average student debt of $25,000 to $33,000 depending on what research study you read.  None of these figures count those graduating with a Masters or an Advanced Degree.

By contacting us we can put together an individual customized disability policy that will grow as the young professional grows.

How do we know they’ll grow?  Because these graduates are tech savvy, use social media, will probably change jobs every 3-4 years including changing cities and states. These millennials launch start-ups, have billions of dollars in purchasing power and are social within their community. Many in this group of young professionals are advanced in their field often supervising those their parents’ ages.

Words to describe these millennials are independent yet down-to-earth, intelligent, compassionate, determined, trustworthy, focused on their family and enjoying life.  They are our future.

But statistics show that 1 in 4 of these 20 year olds will be disabled before they retire.

What happens then?  Who will pay their expenses?  How will they form our future if they are disabled and worried about their bills?  What is their fallback plan?  Their parents?  It shouldn’t be.  Their parents have their own daily expenses to worry about not to mention planning for their long term care as well as their retirement.

Having a disability doesn’t have to be the end of a life.  It begins a new chapter in a life and a future.  An Independent Disability Income policy helps protect daily expenses to allow these young professionals the ability to use their intelligence and imagination to further the lives of their families, their communities and our world.  They are our future.

Let us help you or your young professional.  Contact us

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